string trackin’

We may be home…but the band never really takes time off from creating or being interwoven in one-another’s lives.  Since it’s been a week or so since we posted, I thought you deserved to know what’s going on….

I’m so excited/honored to be in the studio this morning with our own Adam Moritz behind the control box to lay down some violin tracks for Ronnie’s next album that is currently in-progress!   “If This Is What It Means” is Ronnie’s 3rd solo album and I am confident that you will be blown away when you hear the finished product in a month or two…I’m sitting here listening to half-finished tracks and I’m pretty amazed.  Of course it helps that Ronnie’s songwriting is phenomenal, Adam produces like no other, and there are some A-List musicians all over it (including our own Trenton Mueller).

While we wait for the tubes on the pre-amp to heat up so we can get rollin’ I took baby girl out of her case for a little photo shoot action.  She was such a well-behaved model…and of course it helps that she’s so good lookin’.

my purty fiddle "Merida" and her friend the pre-amp gettin' all warmed up to make some be-you-ti-ful muzak.

and one more….just because I’m a proud Mama.

have fiddle...will travel


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