All’s Fair on the road

As the band gets ready to head to Huntsville, Alabama this weekend for another Outback America event, I was flipping through some old photos and found these great pictures from a few years ago when we were again in Alabama.  This time we were in Montgomery, and the state fair was going on…so of course we couldn’t pass that opportunity up.  So off we headed  to the land of crazy looking show animals, sketchy rides that might break while you’re on them, and foods that shouldn’t ever be fried, but someone has figured out how to fry them.  I thought I’d just let you enjoy laughing at these classic photos.

Ronnie looks unsure about the ferris wheel.

Jamie and I ran into a friend from the JH ranch!

Mooooooo. We loved the show cows.

This little Adam went to market…..

This little piggy had none….

Our favorite story from this night was when Ronnie, who was trying to eat low-carb, ordered a hot-dog without a bun.  The girl working the hot-dog stand look at him and said, with all seriousness, “What, are you a vegetarian or something?”  Um……


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